Saturday, March 29, 2014

3000 Facebook Likes Giveaway!

In appreciation to all of my Facebook Friends!
Every single one of you are a part of my FB page!
To Thank You, I will be giving away:
$20 Amazon GC
(2) $5 Amazon GC
(3) ebook copies winners choice from my books!

FRIENDS there's a NEW Facebook RULE (UGH!)
Facebook will be deleting you from my page if you are not 'active' on my page a minimum of 3 times within any calendar month period. This means a 'like' of a picture, a comment or a post on my wall. If you are not 'active' on my page, by their definition, then after a month of no activity, your 'like' will be removed from my page, as FB has decided you are not interested in my page! 
Yeah, they're going to decide that for you. 

No doubt, this is an attempt to get even more money out of us Page holders, so we'll pay to promote a post. They figure fewer likes for us = more money for them. Personally, I'd rather spend my money on Giveaways!

So if you see a post or photo on my page show that like button a little love and give it a tap, or just comment on it. This gal loves to hear from each and every one of you!


  1. Congrats on so many likes, Kelly! :)
    FB seems to be changing a lot of things and making rules that are silly. :/

    1. Yeah, it's getting ridiculous! Thanks for stopping by, Tina :)



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