Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fridays Bad Boy Contest... August 2013

Here's how this contest works:

I present the Friday's Bad Boy, along with a question 
and you, along with your answer, enter to win.
Simple :) 
Let's have some fun with this!!
Contest ends August 31, 2013

Here's the Question

What line did the Bad Boy just read from the book in his hand?
(Tell us in 25 words or less, please!)

It could just be a sports book... 
Or, perhaps, he picked up one of your steamy romances? 

Maybe the last line he read went something like this....
(Just an Example)
 “I want you to soothe the ache you feel right here.”  His finger played roughly over her sensitive...

Your answer may be Nice... Or Naughty...
Leave a comment, and be sure to enter in the 
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  1. Their was more then a glint in her eye as she looked him up and down.

  2. The taste of her skin was like haven put on earth.

  3. He thought of all the naughty things they'd be able to do together and thought he'd get started

  4. Running the pad of my thumb a cross her bottom lip,seeing the desire burning in her eyes...I knew right then she was mine!

  5. Your too good for me baby and I'm nothing but trouble.DebP

  6. Next, incorporate the tempered mix into the bowl and blend well.

  7. Lets have some fun and try that scene from chapter 12 where they use the chocolate body paint....

  8. I want you sore. Every time you move tomorrow I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here.

  9. "Show me your scar again, baby. That cute one near your hairline."

  10. "Come here baby. You've had a long day and I want to work some of those kinks out."

  11. "Oh no you're not. You are staying right here."

  12. His hands shook as he reached up to touch her face. And then she was gone.

  13. The line in the book he just read was "What do you mean by that comment? I thought mine was bigger"


  14. Thanks for the eye candy and participating in the hop. :)

  15. Do you even realize how erotic it is to watch you eat a strawberry?

  16. ...And then he vacuumed, loaded the dishwasher and did the laundry and his wife rewarded him with multiple bj's.

  17. He is reading the diary she lent him, regarding her fantasies towards him: He says: "Believe me, baby, I don't need those sexual enhancements accessories you mention in that diary of yours; I have all the accessories you want with me, on me, in me". (Because the lady in question hasn't met him intimately yet).

    Note: I am sorry Kelly, I hope you will understand my writing. I am french canadian, and as much as I try, it is definitely easier for me to read in English than to write it, (although I enjoy to write in English!). I read mostly in English. Thank you, and again I apologize for any mistake. Judith



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