Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reviewers... You got it!!

Whenever I get a new review the hairs on my arms stand up, my stomach harbors butterflies and Excitement begs for me to celebrate with a drink. But pending what the review says there's a few things that can happen from there...
1. The chills extend from my arms to the rest of my body!
2. On occasion, the butterflies find an escape route from my belly and I feel queasy.
3. Or, the Reviewer... they just get me, the story, and the characters, and that's when I jump for joy, then sit down with my friend, Excitement, and have a glass of wine to calm down.
Some of my latest ones, the Reviewers, they got it- Perfectly!
So, Thank You,

Heather @ Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Satisfying The Curse  5 STARS!!

Nina @ For the Love of Reading: Review 
 The Risque Target 5 STARS and 4 FLAMES!!

Alyn @ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews 
The Forbidden Claim 5 STARS and a Purest Delight Award!! 

My friend, Excitement, has been a little tipsy for the past few days! 

In my minds eye, this is what my friend, Excitement, looks like! 

Hey, who wouldn't want to get tipsy with this guy?

I've done it a few times thanks to all of the wonderful Reviewers who have taken the time to read and write a review about my books. 

You may go to my Links to see  some of the others that got me a little tipsy with Mr.Yummy here! 

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