Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Bad Boy Contest

Bad Boys...

Give 'em a little time and experience-

they will evolve into misbehaving Men!

Let's have a little fun with this! 
Here it goes... my very first Friday's Bad Boy Contest.

This is how it works- I will present a Friday's All Grown Up Bad Boy and a question and, at the end of the week, the best answer will receive a PRIZE. This week (3/23- 3/30) contest prize will be a $10.00 Amazon e-gift card!!!

So here's the question:
 What is the All Grown Up Bad Boy holding in his hand?
Example (nice) : A Book? Maybe, he plans on reading it to you in bed tonight. Example (naughty) : Hmm... ;)


  1. Kelly, He has a TRR review in his hand. He wrote a book for me. LOL.

  2. I would say he has the top of his pants in his hand. Yummy! Thanks for the great contest and thanks for steaming up my afternoon!

  3. I will spill the beans..... he has a can of whipped cream in his hand. We will be making a banana split later ;-)

  4. I'd say he has a scarf in his hand, cause I can't wait to tie him up or is that for him to tie me up? Either way... yum.

  5. I would say that he is just pulling his pants down to start teasing! Sneak preview...

  6. How about handcuffs. Bad boys always have a pair of those around.


  7. my phone number and a feather

  8. Hello!
    This Contest has been closed but please feel free to leave a comment!
    All of the answers were creative. I placed all of you(including my shy players) in a hat, gave you all a little shake, and picked...
    The winner is- Yvette!Congrats.
    Look for my Contest in April for another chance to win. Thanks!



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